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Mainnet as your Testnet


Mainnet State

Create a Testnet that is forked from a range of Ethereum-compatible chains, including Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, and Binance, at any block number.

  • Users can fork a range of EVM-compatible chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, Binance, and Avalanche.
  • Users can override Gas Estimation, allow unlimited contract size, and set specific mining windows to meet their requirements, making it easier to create a custom Testnet that suits their needs.


Experience seamless exploration and easy debugging of your transactions on your Testnet with BuildBear's built-in explorer and in-built transaction tracer.

  • Our intuitive transaction status indication allows you to quickly determine the status of your transaction, whether it's pending, successful, failed, or part of a snapshot.
  • Our built-in transaction tracer makes it easy to debug your transactions, ensuring a seamless testing experience.


Minting native and popular ERC20 tokens like USDC, DAI, USDT, BNB, BUSD, MATIC, WBTC, UNI, and AAVE has never been easier. With our user-friendly faucet, you can mint tokens with just one click.

  • You can mint any ERC20 token you need just by providing its address.

Unlock Advanced Customization

Run your standard testing and other scripts against BuildBear Testnets’ RPC with

  • Impersonate Account: Pretend to be another wallet that existed before your Testnet creation. This feature is particularly helpful for testing the effects of transactions in situations such as DAO voting, LP pool withdrawals, and more.
  • Deploy Contracts Beyond 24KB: Work on larger contracts without worrying about the contract size limit.
  • Mining Window: Set the mining interval between blocks to replicate a real blockchain environment.
  • Snapshot: Take a snapshot of the blockchain environment's state and execute transactions in the respective snapshot.

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