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You can log in with Google or GitHub accounts.


Create your BuildBear TestNet

  1. 1. Click on Create Testnet
  2. 2. Select the chain you want to fork and the block number from which you want to fork it.
  3. 3. Click on advanced options, and customize them to your requirements.
  4. 4. Click on "Create" to create your Testnet.
Your Testnet will be live shortly after creating it.
It's worth noting that you can create a test blockchain from scratch, without forking from any existing chain.

Your Testnet is all set for you to use

To deploy your application to the Testnet, simply copy the RPC from the dashboard and use it with your preferred development framework, such as Hardhat, Truffle, or Foundry.

You can also interact with the pre-deployed contracts that are available on the Testnet you forked from. This allows you to test your application's compatibility with existing smart contracts.

Mint Tokens from your Faucet

Mint Native and ERC20 Tokens from Unlocked Faucet without any restrictions or tweet requirements.

Add your testnet to your Metamask

Simply click on the MetaMask , then click "Approve" on the MetaMask pop-up, and you're all set. Your Testnet will now be accessible from your MetaMask wallet, enabling you to sign transactions securely and interact with your Testnet assets with ease.

Check your transactions on your private testnet

Check your transaction on your Private Testnet
  1. 1. Go to the BuildBear dashboard and click on the Open Explorer option.
  2. 2. Click on Show All Transactions to see all the transactions on your private Testnet.
  3. 3. You can also search for any specific transaction using its hash.

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