Discover How Lef Giak Overcame DApp Development Challenges with BuildBear Sandbox

Jan, 2024


About Lef Giak

Lef Giak, a web3 DApp developer, has been building DApps since 2019. Recently, he started contributing to web3 auditing, participating in Code4rena contests.



    • Token Scarcity: Acquiring a sufficient quantity of Testnet tokens for comprehensive testing was a time-consuming endeavor.
    • Transaction Confirmation Delays: Public Testnets, not optimized for instant transaction processing, often encounter long transaction times, sometimes up to 13.5 seconds. These delays are particularly challenging during contract testing, as they can hinder the development process.
    • Mainnet Testing Hassles - Complex Protocol Setup: Testing protocols that rely on Mainnet setups are often complex and time-consuming to establish, presenting significant obstacles to efficient development and deployment.


      Integration with BuildBear

      Lef Giak has successfully integrated BuildBear into his development workflow. He is also a premium user of BuildBear.


        BuildBear Approach

        • Mainnet State: BuildBear enables the forking of Mainnet and rapid spin-up of the Sandbox within seconds. This capability allows for effective testing of the application in conjunction with Mainnet protocols, eliminating the need to set up any mock environments.

        • BuildBear Faucet: Through the BuildBear Faucet, Lef gained immediate access to native and popular ERC20 Testnet tokens, eliminating the need for manual token accumulation.

        • Explorer: The BuildBear explorer simplifies the process of monitoring transactions and debugging failed transactions, thanks to BuildBear's built-in transaction tracer.

        • Instant Confirmation: BuildBear enables standard test scripts involving 10 transactions to complete in less than 26 seconds, a task that takes over 2 minutes on public testnets like Sepolia. This rapid transaction processing significantly reduces the time spent on running contract test scripts, allowing for quicker iterations and accelerated development.



        Client’s Testimony:

        I like the BuildBear faucet. You can send the ERC token to anyone, which is very useful for my testing. It's also very quick to make RPC. -Lef Giak

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