CFPoly Testnet: BuildBear



CFPoly empowers individuals to launch fundraising campaigns without any cost.

CFPoly offers a single type of campaign, known as the as much as possible campaign, to ensure simplicity and effectiveness. Each campaign is bound by a specific time limit. The campaign creator determines the duration during which contributions (also referred to as donations) can be made. When the designated period ends, the campaign creator concludes the campaign and receives the accumulated funds, deducting the CFPoly commission of 1%.




  • Why Testnet? Why not Hardhat? While Hardhat serves as a local Testnet, it falls short when it comes to sharing the same blockchain among teammates, which creates a significant and unacceptable limitation. In contrast, Testnet facilitates seamless collaboration and enables teammates to work together on the same blockchain.

  • Tokens: Damn! I just have to beg, borrow or steal!!!: Accumulating a sufficient amount of Testnet tokens for comprehensive testing proved to be a time-consuming process.

  • Instant Confirmation: Dude, I do NOT have the world’s time: Public Testnets are not inherently designed for instant transaction processing. In practice, they often experience lengthy transaction times, occasionally lasting up to 13.5 seconds. These delays present challenges, especially during the contract testing phase, as they can impede the overall development process.

  • TimeMachine!! Manipulate Time: Public Testnets are inherently designed without the ability to manipulate time, which poses a significant challenge for CFPoly in testing diverse fundraising campaigns. As a consequence, this restriction leads to extended waiting periods for the campaigns to reach maturity. 


Integration with BuildBear

CFPoly turned to BuildBear as a solution to overcome these challenges and integrated BuildBear into their development workflow.


    BuildBear Approach

    CFPoly identified several key features of BuildBear that are helping in their development process:

    • BuildBear Faucet: BuildBear’s faucet provided CFPoly with instant access to an abundant supply of Native and Popular ERC20 Testnet tokens. This eliminated the need for manual accumulation of test tokens and saved valuable time.

    • Instant Confirmation: With BuildBear, standard test scripts involving 10 transactions can be completed in less than 26 seconds, whereas on Public Testnet (such as Sepolia), the same process may take over 2 minutes. With faster transaction processing, reducing the time spent on running contract test scripts, enabling quicker iterations and accelerated progress.

    • Manipulate Time: With the BuildBear Advance Time feature, the ability to modify the time on your Testnet enables CFPoly to test time-sensitive features without limitations.



    Client’s Testimony:

    With BuildBear we were able to test the functionality, which,  otherwise, would not be able to test for at least two more months. Incredibly accelerated our development process. 
    Also, we had some issues regarding reading some events  data, we updated BuildBear Team about it and guess what! They were blazing fast to look into the issue reported, so much so that they dived into our code which uses ethers v6 and helped us on looking into the issue. We couldn't have found such a hands-on tech team and super fast response anywhere.

      Are you a team of developers working on an innovative DApp? What are you waiting for? Utilize BuildBear to accelerate your development process. Spend your valuable time building your product while we take care of the rest.

      Let’s get started then, Shall we?