Discover How Desmond Ho Successfully Resolved Smart Contract Audit Challenges with BuildBear



About Desmond Ho

Desmond Ho, an independent security researcher, works at Spearbit and is also involved with Sherlock and Code4rena.





    • Why Testnet? Why not Hardhat? Collaboration and Transaction Debugging! Hardhat as a local Testnet falls short in sharing a common blockchain and lacks transaction visibility without an explorer. This limitation is significant and unacceptable. In contrast, Testnet enables seamless collaboration, team coordination, and offers transaction visibility through an explorer.

    • Mainnet Testing! The Burden of Setting Up Protocols Again Setting up the Mainnet State is burdensome when testing projects that rely on existing protocols already deployed on the Mainnet. As this required spinning up all these protocols and bearing the responsibility of setting up everything again, which is extremely time-consuming.

    • Contract Confidentiality! No Privacy Public Testnets are not designed for privacy, making them unsuitable for maintaining confidentiality in contracts. The transparency of these networks exposes all contracts and transactions to public scrutiny, potentially compromising sensitive information.


    Integration with BuildBear

    Desmond has integrated BuildBear into his workflow in order to address these challenges, seeking a solution.


      BuildBear Approach

      • Private Testnets: 

        With BuildBear all the Contract and Transaction data is private and only access to the people Desmond shares the data with.

      • Mainnet State: 

        BuildBear enables the forking of Mainnet and rapid spin-up of the Testnet within seconds. This capability allows for effective testing of the application in conjunction with Mainnetprotocols, eliminating the need to set up any mock environments.

      • Explorer: 

        With BuildBear Explorer, Desmond can effortlessly explore transaction records and conveniently interact with contracts from the explorer, without having to write any scripts.



      "BuildBear helps with being able to spin up a fork environment and also comes with a nice Explorer where we can see different kinds of Transactions."

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