Doss Games Testnet: BuildBear


ABOUT Doss Games

Blockchain-based gaming software designed to provide play-to-earn gaming metaverses.



Client: I am launching web3 games and want to be testing those web3 games with my community  / users.  however, all of the existing testnets are not helping me as they are too slow and faucets are walled. I have been trying to create a private testnet for my testing purposes; but it keeps crashing in a matter of hours.


    BuildBear Approach

    Buildbear approached the client's challenge of testing web3 games with their community, allowing them to

    • Create a BuildBear Net

    • Used for deploying all web3 games on BuildBear Net

    • 100% Uptime

    • Even if the Blockchain Crashes, BuildBear maintains the entire state and hence the client can manage to pause, stop and restart the blockchain from the same state.



    BuildBear helped the client manage their web3 games, retain loyal members, and improve performance with intelligent analytics. Their expertise in web3 gaming and community management was critical to the client's success and they highly recommend BuildBear to other organizations seeking similar solutions.

      Are you a team of developers working on an innovative DApp? What are you waiting for? Utilize BuildBear to accelerate your development process. Spend your valuable time building your product while we take care of the rest.

      Let’s get started then, Shall we?