Neokard’s Testnet: BuildBear


ABOUT Neokard

An intuitive platform to onboard people to Web3 at scale by making buying, sending, and receiving NFT.



Client: My DApp is ready and need to test. In my DApp, I am minting 700+ NFTs in the script. Please can you set-up the Mumbai Matic Testnet for testing?

Developer Insights

Developer: Yes, but for 700+ NFT transactions; you will have to wait at least 30 mins for your script to get over and give you a success or failure for the entire log.  Given that you will be running such test transactions at least 3 times per day, till production launch; you are in for 1.5 hours of critical time waste.  You can try local hardhat node, but then you cannot ‘see’ an explorer of how your transaction performed.


    BuildBear Approach

    Buildbear provided a comprehensive solution, allowing the client to:

    • Client has created a BuildBear Net

    • Forking from the Mainnet

    • Transaction speed is as good as local Hardhat Node

    • BuildBear Explorer is being used to ‘see’ the transaction

    • Failed Transactions are debugged instantly



    The client had a positive experience with BuildBear when testing their application. They were impressed with the platform's ease of use, speed, and excellent customer support. BuildBear's intuitive user interface and clear documentation allowed the client to test their application seamlessly and quickly. They also appreciated the team's commitment to ensuring a smooth experience. The client highly recommends BuildBear to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient platform for testing applications.

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