OriginX’s Testnet: BuildBear

June, 2023


OriginX empowers NFT creators and collectors to monetize their digital assets while supporting charitable causes. It provides a platform for NFT owners to list their digital assets for raffle tickets, and users can purchase these tickets for a chance to win unique NFTs. The DApp also ensures that part of the raffle pool goes to a chosen charity, allowing users to support a cause while participating in the raffle. 


In simple words, by listing their NFTs for raffle tickets, NFT owners can generate more interest and excitement around their digital assets, while also contributing to a good cause.  


Meanwhile, users have the chance to win unique and valuable NFTs, all while supporting charity. The raffle pool is boosted by 50% of the NFT price, giving users an incentive to participate in the raffle, and increasing the total amount of funds that will be donated to charity.



About Manoranjith Shankar from 0xc0d3r(s) Group

Manoranjith is a Full Stack Developer and currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer science and Business Systems from Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology.





    • Time consuming Testnets!!! Man, I don't have all day! Public Testnets are not specifically optimized for immediate transaction processing. In reality, transactions on these networks often encounter considerable delays, sometimes lasting as long as 13.5 seconds. These prolonged waiting times pose challenges, particularly during the contract testing phase, as they can hinder the overall development process.

    • Tokens: Gosh! I must resort to pleading !!! Obtaining an ample quantity of Testnet tokens for thorough testing turned out to be a laborious and time-consuming endeavor.


    Integration with BuildBear

    To tackle these challenges head-on, OriginX seamlessly integrated BuildBear into their development workflow, seeking a solution.


      BuildBear Approach

      OriginX recognized several essential functionalities offered by BuildBear that have greatly contributed to their development process

      • BuildBear Faucet: Through the BuildBear Faucet, OriginX gained immediate access to a plentiful reserve of Native and Popular ERC20 Testnet tokens. This eradicated the requirement for manual token accumulation, resulting in significant time savings.

      • Mainnet State! NFTs: Through BuildBear, OriginX can effortlessly create Testnets by forking Mainnets, eliminating the necessity of deploying mock NFTs to generate Raffle Tickets. This feature also enables users to utilize their existing NFTs for testing the functionality of OriginX.

      • Swift Verification: BuildBear enables the completion of standard test scripts comprising 10 transactions in under 26 seconds, compared to the extended timeframe of over 2 minutes on Public Testnets like Sepolia. This expedited transaction processing significantly reduces the runtime of contract test scripts, enabling faster iterations.”

      • Manipulate Time: With the BuildBear Advanced Time feature, OriginX can modify the time on Testnet, allowing for testing Raffle tickets with different end times without any limitations."



      Client’s Testimony:

      "BuildBear significantly accelerated the testing process From a developer's perspective, BuildBear has the potential to revolutionize the way dApps are tested."

        Are you a team of developers working on an innovative DApp? What are you waiting for? Utilize BuildBear to accelerate your development process. Spend your valuable time building your product while we take care of the rest.

        Let’s get started then, Shall we?