Raffi3’s Testnet: BuildBear


ABOUT Raffi3

The premier NFT Raffle platform on Polygon.



Client:  I want to test my NFT Raffles Hackathon Project. I want to ensure that I am able to test with actual NFTs deployed on the mainnet and do a demo of the product that the raffles smart contract automatically chooses a winner and the NFT is distributed on its own.


    BuildBear Approach

    BuildBear helped the client to create a fork of the Polygon mainnet for testing purposes. Here’s how:

    • Sign-up and Login

    • Creating a Fork

    • Faucet for Test Tokens

    • Impersonating an Account

    • User Testing

    • Calling the Draw



    Overall, the client’s experience with BuildBear was really good. They had some hesitations initially, but once they started using it, they ended up creating more than 10 private testnets for testing. They also loved their block explorer, which gave clear detail into the success or failure of transactions. They said “BuildBear is an excellent platform for anyone looking to test their blockchain applications or projects. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build on the EVM chain!”. And the client’s product won one of Chainlink’s bounties.

      Are you a team of developers working on an innovative DApp? What are you waiting for? Utilize BuildBear to accelerate your development process. Spend your valuable time building your product while we take care of the rest.

      Let’s get started then, Shall we?