Discover How Sascha (Drip Protocol) efficiently tested their entire application within their Team and their Community with BuildBear’s Engine.

Drip protocol
Sept, 2023

ABOUT Drip protocol

Drip Network, the world's leading daily Return On Investment (ROI) platform that has been paying out 1% daily in Drip to its investors since April 2021.

Drip Network is a decentralized finance ecosystem that generates daily passive income.



About Sascha

Sascha is a Data Engineer and a web3 whitehat, helping to build Secure web3 protocols.




    • No Explorer! It is difficult to debug failed transactions The lack of an explorer to observe local Hardhat node transitions in detail made it challenging to troubleshoot issues when transactions fail.

    • Tokens! Wall guarded The task of Accumulating enough Testnet tokens for comprehensive smart contract testing has proven to be quite time-consuming.

    • Faster Simulation Engine We had to process tons of test transactions and for that purpose we needed something very fast. While at some level Hardhat’s Engine and Anvil were good, as our growth rose our demand for a faster simulation engine grew. This was only met due to the specific engine that we got from BuildBear’s team


    Integration with BuildBear

    Sascha and his team integrated BuildBear into his workflow in order to address these challenges, seeking a solution.


      BuildBear Approach

      Sascha recognized several essential functionalities offered by BuildBear that have greatly contributed to his Auditing process.

      • BuildBear Faucet: By utilizing the BuildBear Faucet, Sascha instantly accessed an abundant reserve of Native and Popular ERC20 Testnet tokens, eliminating the need for manual token accumulation and leading to substantial time savings

      • Explorer: The BuildBear explorer provided Sascha with a user-friendly interface to effortlessly view all transaction data and effectively debug any failed transactions. Additionally, it enabled Sascha to interact with contracts directly through the explorer

      • ASAP Engine: For eg, at one point in time, we wanted to mine a million blocks and we wanted to get it done under 1 sec; while Hardhat could deliver that, it was not literally mining blocks, at the same time, Anvil was taking 3 seconds per block (mocking the behaviour of the BSC fork that we needed); that is where BuildBear’s engine did a fabulous job of literally mining 1 million blocks in less than 1 sec.




      “Having a GUI faucet and explorer is really valuable when testing contracts, it makes it so much easier to run tests and see the results. The BuildBear explorer made it trivial for us to isolate the root cause of the failing tests. The faucet is nice as well so that any user testing could get assets on their own, without having to ask us to provide test assets.”

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