Xave's Internal Playground: BuildBear



Enable fintechs to leverage Web 3.0 for real time remittance transfers and high yield consumer savings, at a tenth of the cost.



Client: I want to fork an existing DApp’s Smart Contract; modify them and test them, with the entire team, including Front-end.

Developer Insights

Developer: OK! let’s modify only the few contracts that we necessarily need to and deploy those; integration and front-end can be tested from a forked testnet node from BuildBear.


    BuildBear Approach

    Buildbear provided a comprehensive solution, allowing the client to

    • Create a BuildBear Net

    • Forking from the Mainnet

    • Use a private unlimited faucet

    • Using Impersonate Account to get already integrated tokens

    • Do Test Transactions with existing contracts from BuildBear UI (similar to etherscan; can interact with the contracts



    The BuildBear team helped a client successfully demo their product, leading to them securing funding and launching their product in the market. BuildBear worked closely with the client to create an effective product demo that showcased all the key features and benefits of the product. The client was highly satisfied with the results and recommends BuildBear's expertise and commitment to any company looking to launch a new product, secure funding or create an effective product demo.

      Are you a team of developers working on an innovative DApp? What are you waiting for? Utilize BuildBear to accelerate your development process. Spend your valuable time building your product while we take care of the rest.

      Let’s get started then, Shall we?