Discover how the 3A DAO team beta-tested their Lending Protocol with the community using BuildBear Sandbox.

Dec, 2023


3A DAO is a non-custodial, decentralized, and over-collateralized lending platform that enables users to borrow interest-free against their own tokens used as collateral. Loans are repaid in a Euro-pegged stablecoin called EURO3.





  • Tokens: Damn! The faucets are always down!!: 
    Acquiring a sufficient number of testnet tokens for comprehensive testing often became a time-consuming task due to frequent faucet downtimes. This difficulty in obtaining testnet tokens can led many users to opt-out of using the DApp altogether.

  • Transaction Confirmation Delays: 
    Public Testnets are not designed for instant transaction processing, and in practice, they often experience lengthy transaction times, occasionally lasting up to 13.5 seconds. These delays can pose challenges, especially during the contract testing phase, as they can impede the overall development process.

  • Mainnet Testing Hassles - Complex Protocol Setup: 
    The 3A DAO relies on Mainnet protocols, and setting these up for testing purposes is often cumbersome and time-consuming, posing significant challenges to efficient development and deployment.


Integration with BuildBear

3A DAO turned to BuildBear as a solution to overcome these challenges and integrated BuildBear Sandbox into their development workflow.


    BuildBear Approach

    3A DAO has identified several key features of the BuildBear Sandbox that have significantly aided their development process:

    • BuildBear Faucet: 
      The BuildBear faucet provided 3A DAO with immediate access to an extensive supply of native and popular ERC20 testnet tokens. This feature eradicated the need for the manual gathering of test tokens, thereby saving valuable time.

    • Instant Confirmation: 
      BuildBear enables standard test scripts involving 10 transactions to complete in less than 26 seconds, a task that takes over 2 minutes on public testnets like Sepolia. This rapid transaction processing significantly reduces the time spent on running contract test scripts, allowing for quicker iterations and accelerated development.

    • Mainnet State: 
      BuildBear's capacity to fork Mainnet and rapidly set up a Sandbox within seconds is a game-changer. It allows for effective application testing in real-world conditions without the need to establish mock environments, streamlining the development and testing processes.



    Client’s Testimony:

    Our testing process has been greatly improved by using BuildBear solutions - Michal Bacia, Co-founder 3A DAO.

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